Movie Idea: The Bollard Protector

Here is a possible script for a new short film movie idea.

Opening shot: The camera pans over a busy city street, full of cars and pedestrians rushing about their business. Suddenly, a loud crash is heard, and the camera turns to show a car careening out of control and heading straight for a crowded sidewalk.

Cut to: A group of bollards standing at attention, seemingly unnoticed by the passersby.

Cut to: The car speeding closer and closer to the sidewalk, but then suddenly swerving and crashing into the row of bollards.

Cut to: The bollards are unscathed, but the car is badly damaged. The driver stumbles out, disoriented and angry.

Cut to: A group of pedestrians gathering around the scene, some taking photos, others calling for help.

Cut to: A bollard, its metallic surface reflecting the flashing lights of emergency vehicles, is interviewed by a news crew.

Bollard: “We may be small and often overlooked, but we serve a vital role in protecting the public. It’s not just about stopping cars from driving where they shouldn’t, it’s about keeping people safe. We take our job very seriously.”

Cut to: A montage of bollards all over the city, protecting pedestrians from cars, trucks, and even bicycles.

Cut to: A little girl walking down the sidewalk, her mother holding her hand. The girl stops in front of a bollard and looks up at it.

Little girl: “Mommy, what are these things for?”

Mother: “Those are bollards, honey. They keep us safe from cars and trucks.”

Little girl: “Wow, bollards are like superheroes!

Cut to: The bollard from the beginning of the movie, standing tall and proud, overlooking the bustling city street.

Closing shot: A title card appears on the screen that reads, “Thank you, bollards, for keeping us safe.”

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