Pulp Fiction: What if Mia Wallace Died because of Bollards?

If you are reading this post, I am going to assume you have seen Pulp Fiction. At least a dozen times or more. Quentin Tarantino classic.  Don’t want to get too much into the plot details.

Just one key moment towards the beginning of the movie.

Sentence fragments aside, let’s get into it.

You will surely remember the classic scene with Mia Wallace dancing with Vince at the Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant.

dance pulp fiction mia vince

mia vince dance pulp fiction

Which brought back the amazing Bat Dance (Batman Dance? Batusi?) performed by the brilliant John Travolta.


Pulp Fiction Mia Wallace Dance

And then there’s the coked up version of the dance presented by Uma Thurman.

mia wallace batdance pulp fiction

Alright. So they won the dancing competition. Good for them. They got first place in a contest in which there seemed to be no real competition. We really didn’t see any other dancers to be our own judge.

bollards name

We just have to trust that the Richard Nixon and Marilyn Monroe impersonators were the highest authority and dance experts to crown the winners. Let’s go home.

Pulp Fiction OD Scene

So back at the house, Mia digs around in Vince’s jacket and finds a nice heroin surprise.

mia wallace vince jacket heroin

Fuck yeah. Let’s snort that shit. Uh oh. Bad idea, Mia. This is what happens when you snort heroin found in Vincent’s jacket.

Mia Wallace Overdose:

mia wallace pulp fiction overdose heroin

Mia is fucked. And so is Vincent if Marsellus Wallace finds out about this; especially if she dies.

Time to think, Vince.

vince-pulp fiction overdose driving

Vincent’s thought process, “Quickly drive to burnout Lance’s house to save her with adrenaline!” He seems very trustworthy:

lance eat cereal pulp fiction od

Ohhh yeahhhhh.

However, it seems like Lance’s place was a house full of drugs and possesses the classic burnout style of living. It’s possible Lance could have, at some point, gotten really high and paranoid. And he could have been paranoid about cops or other authorities raiding his home.

Which then means, he could have looked into ways to protect his house from vehicular attacks from the authorities, which would give himself time to escape from a raid.

Residential bollards could protect his house. Let’s see what that might have looked like as Vince came crashing into the yard with an OD’ing Mia in the passenger seat.

pulp fiction bollards lance house crash

If bollards had been installed outside of Lance’s house, it’s most likely that Mia would have died of a drug overdose on Vince’s watch. Which would most likely result in Vince being thrown out of a hotel room by Marsellus.

Or more realistically, Vince and Mia would have died from the impact of the car barreling into the bollards outside of Lance’s house.

Which would have deprived us of this hilarious classic scene where Lance needs to find the little black book.

pulp fiction get the shot vince lance mia

And we would’ve missed out on the scene where Vince stabs Mia in the chest with adrenaline.

mia vince lance stad pulp fiction adrenaline

mia wallace adrenaline pulp fiction

“That was fuckin’ trippy!”

And if Mia had died from the bollard impact, we would not have finally heard the brilliant Fox Force Five joke.

“Three tomatoes are walking down the street – a poppa tomato, a momma tomato, and a little baby tomato. Baby tomato starts lagging behind. Poppa tomato gets angry, goes over to the baby tomato, and smooshes him… and says, Catch up.”

She had a helluva night!

fox force 5 joke catsup

Now learn, what is a bollard?


  1. Ted

    Mia Wallace and Vincent are two of the best characters of all time.

  2. Barb Barb

    Pulp Fiction has been my favorite movie since 1994!

  3. VINCE

    The Mia Wallace OD picture is great.

  4. Nick (Post author)

    Thank you for reading.

  5. Hdpape

    Now I am no drug expert but am I to infer that heroin is supposed to go into a balloon and cocaine into a baggie? And Mia Wallace thought that was cocaine and that’s why she overdosed?

  6. Eden

    Tarantino thought that Mia Wallace was the character the audience would be most fascinated by. Maybe that’s why he left her so mysterious. We know nothing about her backstory, her relationship with Marsellus, or her motivations. Is she a flirty, naive party girl who tells silly jokes and can’t tell the difference between heroin and coke? A sophisticated woman who plays with Vincent just to test his loyalty to Marsellus?


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